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Scott Kelly, Transformative health and wellbeing coach, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition coach, and kinesiologist, is ready to help you "Get Out And L.I.V.E". 

Read Salt Lake Magazine and Park City Life's article about Scott Kelly and Tapping Into Your Innate Wisdom on page 120.

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    As a health practitioner for the past 20 years, focusing on natural ways to help individuals empower their health and wellness while preventing disease, I have developed a critical eye when it comes to supplements, pharmaceuticals and food.  On a weekly basis, I am shown product after product with inflamed claims about its efficacy and in addition, filled with additives, preservitives, binders and fillers. 

    As a practitioner passionate about changing health and wellness globally, I am very excited to represent a whole raw food that lives up to it's claims and passes my strict criteria to be used in my home and in my practice.  First, my 7 criteria.
    7 Critical Criteria 

    There are seven criteria a product must pass before I use and represent it.  After all, we are what we eat.  The criteria I use are as follows:
    • Organic vs. Non-organic-  Aside from the negative impact that conventional farming has on the environment, non- organic foods are inferior when it comes to nutrient content. In addition, conventionally grown food is laden with harmful herbicide and pesticides.  Organic farming is not only good for our bodies, it is good for the planet.
    • Pasteurized vs. Non-pasteurized- Pasteurization destroys the delicate phyto-nutrients and chemicals of the food rendering it less nutritious.  
    • Whole Food vs. Processed-  Nature provides us food in it's whole form.  Perfectly orchestrated, the vitamins, minerals and enzymes all work in concert for the most potent delivery to our bodies.   When a whole food is changed from its original form through manufacturing and processing, and made into another product, this orchestration is destroyed while nutrient values are decreased and/or destroyed leaving an inferior food product. 

    • Free of Additives and Preservatives-  Additives and preservatives are added for shelf life and to enhance taste.  Additives and preservatives are often required after pasteurization to extend shelf life.  Two thirds of a super market is actually "food products" filled with additives and preservatives in the form of natural and artificial flavors, colors, sodium and sugar.  All dangerous to our health and wellness. 
    • Third Party Tested-  For quality control, a food needs to be tested and legitimized by an independent third party. 

    • Safe for all- Many "food products" and "health" products carry warnings on their packages stating they are not safe for consumption by children, pregnant or lactating women.  Labels will often warn you against using the "food" product if you are currently using certain medications.  When a food is in it's whole raw form,  I refer to Hippocrates who said "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". 
    • Company Consciousness- Before I support a company, I want to know if it has green practices, its mission and vision as well as if it has any philanthropic endeavours.  I also want to be sure of its farming practices and how employees are treated especially when farming in the third world.
    Mila By Lifemax 

    Mila is a mixture of salvia hispanica L. seed, also know as chia, a staple and superfood of the ancient Aztecs.  This wheat free, gluten free, sugar free and preservative free raw food is the safest and most environmentally sustainable source of high quality Omega 3's on the planet.  In addition, Mila is an outstanding raw source of soluble and insoluble fiber, antioxidants, protein, and minerals (see comparison chart below)

    The Mila Difference
    There are over 100 varieties of chia. Mila is a blend of four carefully selected varieties of chia from multiple climates and continents to maximize its nutritional value. Using a patented system to open the seeds, the blend is optimized for bioavailability and increases its nutritional value. Nothing is added to the product - it is a pure form of salvia hispanica L. and is simply the best available today.

    Mila and Lifemax meet and exceed my seven criteria in the following ways: 

    • Herbicides and pesticides are never used in the growing and processing of Mila.
    • Every crop is independently tested for quality and purity.  
    • Mila is a non-pasteurized whole raw food that does not contain any additives, preservatives, binders, fillers or coloring.
    • Mila is a whole raw food the way nature intended it.
    • Mila is safe for everyone and anyone to consume. It is classified by the FDA as a food and has no contraindications.

    Mila, a Superfood!

    One serving of Mila (2 Tbs) provides the following nutrient equivalents:
    Omega 3's in 10 oz. (2/3 lb.) of Wild Salmon

    Calcium in 1/4 cup of Whole Milk
    Iron in 11/4 cup of Spinach
    Potassium in 1 Banana 
    Magnesium in 1/2 cup of Broccoli
    Fiber in 3/4 cup of Bran Flakes
    Protein in1/4 cup of Kidney Beans
    Phosphorus in 1/2 cup of Whole Milk


    Get Out And L.I.V.E

    Rebound Health & Performance Center

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